The best sunset photo I have ever shot

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Unlike my brother who uses his cameras as a source of income, I do not identify myself as a photographer, mainly because I only take photos as a hobby. Yup, only for fun. Not that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind, but it just takes too much effort to turn it into a business. Not to mention the amount of money I have to spend to buy all the equipment required.

For now, I will just stick with my first generation Sony NEX-3 I bought a few years ago and keep on taking photos for fun.


The best sunset photo I have ever shot is this one:

Sunset at Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Yes, I used my NEX-3 to capture it. It was during my one-day-one-venue trip in November 2013. Seriously, it has to be the craziest holiday in my life. Kuala Lumpur – Bali airport – Lembah Rinjani, Lombok – Mount Rinjani – Senggigi Beach – Gili Trawangan – Senggigi Beach again – Ubud, Bali – Seminyak – back to Kuala Lumpur. Every night at a different place.

Yeah, crazy. But fun too. That was my first time ever climbing a mountain. And spending one night on top. Bloody cold! I actually wrote about the trip but it’s still a draft in my posts folder. Hehehehehe…

Anyway, back to the best sunset photo I have ever shot, it was taken at Kuta Beach, Bali. I guess I was at the right place at the right time to be able to produce something like that. But I really love it. It just has to be the best sunset photo I have ever shot. Hehehehehehe…

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