Delayed one week due to the unavailability of the Kuala Lumpur Megalanes, Endah Parade, the third instalment of the 2015 monthly Planet YM Bowling Tournament saw a good number of turn-ups even though a lot of the regulars were missing. There were a few new faces, though and it’s always fun to have new cute ones around. Hehehehehe…

As usual, the players were divided into 2 categories, with cash money, medals and trophies for the winners. This time around, there was also a lucky draw. Prizes: 8 dry bags and 5 sets of kain baju melayu and sampin. Didn’t get lucky, though. So sad… Uhuk uhuk…

Anyway, thanks heaps to the sponsors. There will be the another tournament end of this month, so keep the sponsors coming. Hehehehe…

The results

Planet YM Bowling Tournament #3 2015 - Jackpot

Planet YM Bowling Tournament #3 2015 - Category A

Planet YM Bowling Tournament #3 2015 - Category B

High score was won by Rizal with a pinfall of 212.

Congratulations to the winners. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the winners. Hehehehehe.. So sorry guys. I’ll remember to do that next time.

The next tournament is scheduled on Saturday, 25 April 2015. Registration is at 9.00 pm and roll of at 9.20 pm, so please be early.