And yes, I can see the effect around the mid-section area of my body already.

And the number of times I have to buy new pants because the old ones have somehow shrunk on me.

It doesn’t really help when one is living in a country like Malaysia where food is everywhere. From food stalls to 5-star hotels to fine dining restaurants, they are all around you. More often than not, the cheapest ones are the most delicious.

I like to post pictures of food in my Facebook and I get this really perverse pleasure when my friends “carut” me because of them. Apparently the pictures got them quite mad since I got to eat and they didn’t. Hehehehehe… Too bad my friends. Look at it this way.. even though you didn’t get to eat them, at least I share the photos with you.



I’m bad…

You guys know any place with reaaaaaaaalllyy good food to eat? Share with me, please… Thank you in advance.