Berbuka on Ice with EtiqaWho would have thought to have a berbuka puasa event on ice? It’s usually hotels, restaurants, stalls, friend’s house… the normal, boring places… but on ice?

Okay, not literally on ice, but on a carpet right in the middle of an ice skating rink?

Yup, that was what this team of people from Etiqa Insurance & Takaful did. Named Etiqa Ramadhan Pop Up Cafe, the event was centred on giving a unique berbuka puasa experience to whoever registered to participate. And it was indeed a one-of-a-kind experience. Nobody in Malaysia, even the world (I think), has done it before.

Hey, it was history in the making! Hahahaha… Look for the video on Youtube.

The event was on Friday, 19 July 2013 at the Sunway Pyramid, right in the middle of the ice skating rink. About 60 people registered, mostly passersby who were looking for a place to berbuka puasa that day.

When it was time to berbuka, the azan was performed. It has to be the first time ever an azan was heard inside the shopping complex. And I thought the roof might just cave in. Hahahahahaha…

After berbuka, Maghrib prayer was performed, led by one of the Etiqa staff, also right in the middle of the ice rink. It must have been a very weird scene to a lot of people who were standing there, looking down at us. Like, what the heck were these people doing?

After prayer, food was served and it was a mixture of Malaysian, Italian and Mauritian cuisines. Divine food, all of them, prepared by some people from Plate Culture. I especially love the Alouda, the strawberry flavoured dessert. Yummy!

It was indeed a one-of-a-kind, out-of-the-world berbuka puasa experience to all of us. It feels good, no, to be one of the first in something like this? Thank you to Etiqa for organising the event.

Awangku Yusli - Berbuka on ice with Etiqa

Apparently, there will be a second event, also unique, and it will be 800 feet above sea level. Whoever wants to join, can go to the Etiqa Facebook and register there.

Cool, eh?