Berbuka on Helipad800 feet above sea level.
Open air.
On a helipad.

Etiqa can claim this as a new record in The Malaysia Book of Records! I mean, why not? The book contains some stupid odd events, anyway, so this would fit in perfectly. Hehehehe…

Okay. Another kudos to Etiqa for organising another unique, out-of-the-world, never-been-done-by-anyone-before berbuka puasa experience last Saturday, 27 July 2013. This time it was on the helipad on top of Menara Maybank. That’s 800 feet above sea level and it has a totally unobstructed view of KL skyline. No wall, no grill, no nothing.

Just beautiful.

And dining at such place was just… heaven. Yeah, that’s the right word. Heaven. Hehehehe… The only place that tops it is the KL Tower, I think, in their rotating restaurant. But it was not open air, so that’s a different category altogether.

Unlike the previous Berbuka on Ice event, people who wanted to participate must register and submit a slogan via Etiqa’s Facebook page. So only a select few would get the chance to be up there and dine under the open sky.

To get to the top itself was a challenge. The lift only goes to the 51st floor, and to reach the helipad, one has to climb another 4 flights of stairs. Phew! Lucky I was fit. Most of the guests were breathing quite heavily by the time they reached the top. Hehehehe… Good exercise before buka puasa.

When it was time, the azan was performed. That was probably another record: performing azan at 800 feet above sea level. I reckon no one has done it before in Malaysia. Everybody buka puasa with kurma, milk, teh tarik, sirap selasih and some traditional kuih. The seri muka was delicious!

After that, it was Maghrib prayer for the muslims. Hey, that was another record. Performing prayers at 800 feet above sea level! Hehehehehe…

Then it was dinner time. During Berbuka on Ice, it was a fusion of Malaysian, Italian and Mauritian food. This time, I was not quite sure from. Vegetarian Kurma, Roti Jala and Chicken Briyani… okay, these are Malaysian. Honey Chicken and Beetroot Rice… Indian. Beef Goulash and Mashed Potato… European (Hungary and England). Got those from wikipedia. Hehehehehe…

The desserts were also a mixture of local dish and some other countries: Sago Pudding (with coconut milk and brown palm sugar syrup), Rosewater Cheesecake (with strawberry jam) and Osmanthus Jelly.

Everybody was enjoying themselves. The food, the atmosphere, the people, the weather… the combination was just perfect! We were wondering where the next venue would be. KLCC Skybridge? KLCC water fountain? Zoo Negara? Airport runway? Pudu jail? Hehehehehe…

Thank you, Etiqa. It was wonderful!