For the first time ever, the players who turned up for the Planet YM Bowling Tournament on Saturday, 17/03/2012, were divided into 2 categories, A and B, mainly to add more fun in such tournaments and to give our less skilled friends chances to win. The response received was extremely positive where we got to see faces who were noticeably absent since God knows when.

Well, the organiser liked it and everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves, so the categories will stay for the next tournament.

Here are the results for the tournament.

Category A

Planet YM Bowling 20120317 Cat A SSJ

PYM Bowling Results Category A 20120317


Category B

Planet YM Bowling 20120317 Cat B Fifi

PYM Bowling Results Category B 20120317


Congratulations to SSJ and Fifi for winning the tournament for categories A and B respectively. It is now official that Fifi and Nas (the 1st runner up for Category B) will be moved up to Category A in the next tournament. Hehehehe… *evil laugh. We may have to downgrade some players from Category A to B as well but we will decide that when the time comes.

We will inform you when will the next game be. Stay tuned 🙂