Would you like to have more money when you retire?

“According to the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF), 73% of all contributors have less than RM50,000 saved while only 17% have over RM100,000 when they retire.”

– Lim Guan Eng, the Penang Chief Minister during his speech during an event in Kuala Lumpur on 23/12/2011.

Now ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have more than RM100,000 in your EPF when you retire?
  2. If you do, do you think that is enough for you to maintain your current lifestyle until you die?

Would you like to have more money when you retire?The average Malaysian lived to about 75, so those who retire at 55 will need to manage their EPF savings for 20 years. But here’s a scary fact: most Malaysians will spend all their EPF money within 3 years of retirement.

It is good to have other sources of income to complement your EPF savings, but not everyone has this. For government staff, they have the pension scheme to support them when they retire. For private sector workers, most of them only have their EPF contributions to see them through their golden years. And almost always, they do not have enough for them to live comfortably.

Let me ask you another question.

Do you want to grow your EPF money so that you can have more when you retire?

If your answer is yes, then leave me your contact details (preferably your handphone number) by filling up the Contact Me page and I will get in touch with you and share with you how this is possible.

Planet YM Bowling Tournament #1 2012 @ Endah Parade 07/01/2012

Planet YM Bowling Tournament 07/01/201234 turned up for the first Planet YM Individual Bowling Tournament for the year 2012. Quite a number of them were eager to prevent the previous winner from winning the top spot again. Two could not make it and were quite loud in expressing their disappointment, not to mention their boasts that the previous winner had it easy since they were not around.

One of them got third in the previous tournament, while the other one… suffice to say that Hari Raya is more frequent than his appearance at the bowling alley. Hehehehehe… You know who you are 😛

Sadly, I was not able to defend my title from the previous championship, all because of Missy Azhar who organised an ice-skating session that same afternoon which got me so tired that I couldn’t perform at my fullest. Cewahhhh… Hehehehehe…

Anyway, here are the results for the tournament:

Planet YM Bowling Results 20120107


Congratulations to Lan. Let’s hope that your turn ups will be more frequent than Hari Raya also. Hehehehehe…

The next tournament will be announced soon, which should be in February 2012. We will keep you posted.