Planet YM Bowling Tournament @ Ampang Point 24/09/2011 – Raya Edition

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Planet YM Bowling Tournament 24/09/2011 - Raya EditionI have to say that this year’s Raya Edition bowling tournament was not as “meriah” as last year’s… not so much in the number of participants, but more to the atmosphere. Last year, it was right after Missy Azhar’s open house and everybody was in full Raya costume.

So this year, I blamed Missy Azhar for not organising another open house before our bowling tournament. That was why the whole thing was rather boring. Yes Missy! Your fault! Hahahahahaha…

Anyway, these are the results and the overall standings:

Planet YM Raya Bowling Results 20110924


Congratulations to Raja for winning this tournament for the first time. Don’t forget to bring back the challenge trophy for the next tournament yaa… No, it’s not for you to keep. Hehehehe…

Planet YM Bowling Tournament 24/09/2011 - Raya Edition

The next tournament will be announced accordingly. Watch out yaa…

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