If you have Facebook account, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you update your status more than once or twice a day?
  • Do you refresh your news feed page every 10 minutes or so?
  • Do you become agitated if you cannot access Facebook everyday?
  • Do you lose sleep over Facebook?
  • Did you buy a new smartphone solely so that you can access Facebook everywhere?

Facebook AddictIf you answer Yes to all of them, then it’s confirmed. You have the Mukabuku Compulsive Disorder Syndrome. No, you will not find it anywhere on Google if you do a search. And no, it’s not really a new disease, although, I warn you, it’s really a very very very infectious one.

Still can’t relate the questions above with the name of the disorder? You see.. in Malay language, “muka” means face, and “buku” means book. So there you go. Mukabuku. Facebook. Sounds African when you put them together, no? Hahahahahaha…

Seriously, though, Facebook addiction is really something of a concern nowadays. I have friends who became agitated and broke in cold sweat when they could not access Facebook. I also have friends who slept late, or didn’t even sleep at all, because of Facebook.

Okay, I used to be one of them. Actually, I am still one of them. Although not as chronic as before. So how did I cut down? Simple. Don’t play games on Facebook. Those are really the major cause of all the sleepless nights, lifelessness (since the players really prefer to be playing games rather than socialising outside with their friends or go to work), tardiness, grouchiness… you name it.

Facebook Games

It’s fun, yes, but if your life becomes no life, then it’s really time to stop. Or at least, cut down. I play one game now, a major reduction from 5 a few months ago.

So… are you strong enough to cure yourself from the highly infectious Mukabuku Compulsive Disorder Syndrome?