Every year during bulan puasa we read in the papers, or watch on tv, or listen to the radio, about kids blinded or fingers cut off or burned some parts of their bodies all because of mercun (fireworks). Without fail!

And yet, they still never learn!

This is the latest example, posted in Kosmo! Online today.

Mercun meletup dalam tangan

Seriously, what is it about fireworks that make rational people go dumb? Is it the noise? The colours? The fire? It must be the thrill. I see it every time I go balik kampung when my nephews and nieces play with mercun. Not to mention the adults especially when the really big fireworks were brought out.

Okay, so I joined in when the big ones were launched. Nice colours… 😛

But honestly, if you got injured playing with fireworks, all I want to say to you is… “Padan muka!”

And kids, please… safety first.